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Tracking The Cougars: Preseason All-American And All-Indy Teams

Matt Reynolds
Matt Reynolds

Hey VTFers, today I'm going to try to make "Tracking The Cougars" a daily post! Or at least mostly daily. If I don't get one out that day it's either because there's no new link, I'm busy, or I'm being lazy. (Or a combination of the three.) I will also be doing a poll or open poll with them. So look forward to the (mostly) daily Tracking The Cougars!

Matt Reynolds make the Preseason All-American First Team. He's the only cougar to make any of the teams or honorable mentions. This honor isn't too unexpected because Reynolds, if he were to declare for the draft, was one of the top rated offensive tackles and the top rated underclassman offensive tackle. But because of BYU's sub-par season I would expect him to have flown under the radar a bit more. 

Granted this is a preseason award, and you never know how accurate they will be, but this is none-the-less an honor. Let's hope he can deliver on this honor with an All-American season for BYU. 

Also, Phil Steele is releasing his annual All-Conference teams-or in our case All-Independent-and 18 BYU players have made the two team list. Seven players on the first team and eleven on the second team. 

BYU had the second most selections-out of four-to Notre Dame who had 22. Navy was third with seven and Army brought up the rear with 5. 

Phil Steele also has BYU at #29 on his preseason rankings

Today I have an open poll for you; who do you think was snubbed or will play well enough to be All-Indy by the end of the year?

BYU football program doing its best to get bigger, faster and stronger

BYU football is revamping their training and nutrition programs. And by revamping I mean expanding exponentially. (Well, maybe not exponentially.) They almost tripled the personal and expertise working with the players.

Vai's View: Jimmer and Jazz could net perfect match
Vai has an interesting view on why he thinks Jimmer should go to the Jazz, and it has nothing to do with basketball at all. In fact, it's because he's single. (Well, not married.)

 BYU, Utah Utes football: Cougars, Utes lead the recruitment for Chase Hansen
Hansen looks to be one of the top in-state recruits in 2012 and has held offers from both BYU and Utah for a year. Hansen is 6'3" 210 lbs and is considered an "athlete." Meaning he will be considered to play multiple positions. His preferred position is quarterback but he says he's open to playing on defense as well. The good news is that his family has ties to BYU; his dad, two uncles, and a cousin have all played at BYU. Considering we have a lot of QB recruits he might be forced to play another position.

 "Bad player" Pope thinks he can be good influence as newest BYU hoops coach
BYU's newest hoops coach, Mark Pope, isn't a typical hire for Dave Rose. Although Pope is LDS he doesn't have ties to the program. He played at Washington and Kentucky, winning a championship, and worked for Georgia and Wake Forest. And apparently Pope came to Rose and "begged" for an interview.

SDSU-BYU: End of a rivalry
BYU's rival first and foremost is Utah. Even pundits on a national stage recognize that. But what many people, including many BYU fans, are unaware of is that BYU is seen as a rival to the fans of many Universities. Including San Diego State. Most of us have seen SDSU as a conference opponent and that's about it. But looking at it from the other side is a whole different story. 

BYU basketball: Cougars' 'other' guard Jackson Emery sets his sights on pro career
Although all the attention is on JImmer and what will happen to him in the draft, his back court running mate, Jackson Emery, is also seeking a pro career. In Europe. He says he believes he can play in the NBA but because of the lockout he needs a place to prove himself. And he believes Europe is the answer.