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Tracking The Cougars: Jimmer & Jax In NBA Work Outs

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Although Jackson has said he wants to pursue a career in Europe before coming to the NBA he will still participate in work outs with NBA teams. His first work out will be with home town team the Utah Jazz. He'll be working out with another local product from Westminster, Michael Stockton, the son of Jazz Hall of Famer John Stockton.

Although all the players in the work out are considered long shots, and with the looming lockout making it so they can't be signed on as free agents, work outs like these could help improve their stock overseas.

Emery's agent has also spoken to some other teams but has nothing finalized.

Jimmer also has a work out today with the Indiana Pacers. Although the Pacers have a franchise point guard, Jimmer is projected as more of a bench scorer/sixth man, which would fit just fine. The Pacers also have the 15th pick, which is right around where Jimmer is projected to go.

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There's also this video from the work out from Brian T. Smith.

Jackson and Jimmer Basketball Camp 2011
This Friday and Saturday Jackson Emery and Jimmer Fredette will host the Jackson & Jimmer Basketball Camp. The cost for the camp is $195 and they will go over shooting techniques, ball handling skils, proper footwork, teamwork, and other basketball know how. It will take place at the XSI FActory at Thanksgiving Point in Lehi. Also you must be from third to twelfth grade to participate.

Cougar athletes qualify for track nationals
Eight mens and six womens track athletes, fourteen overall, qualified for track nationals which will take place in Des Moines, Iowa.

New coach Pope honored to be at BYU
Here's another piece on new coach Mark Pope. Not much new stuff, but there is the full quote of him begging Coach Rose for an interview. He also says he doesn't want to be seen as a position or offensive coach. He just wants to be a coach the the players and help them be all they can be.

One last thing, now that I'm going to try to do this daily there will probably be less links. If you guys find any interesting BYU links not from the local media-I routinely check Deseret New, the Salt Lake Trib, and KSL-it would be helpful if you email them to me at Thanks in advance!