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Tracking the Cougars: Jimmer In The Octagon Edition

We have to start out with a Jimmer story, right? Apparently, over 50 agents and agencies were vying for the right to represent Jimmer as he transitioned into the NBA and a few weeks ago he had narrowed his choices down to five. Now, according to a family member and also by a tweet from the agency, Jimmer has chosen the Octagon agency to represent him. The Octagon also represents current NBA stars Wes Mathews, Stephen Curry and Chris Paul among others.

Since this is a sports blog, we don't like to get too political if we can help it but this is too funny not to share. Everybody now knows that Osama Bin Laden was killed on Sunday by US Navy Seals in Abbottabad, Pakistan. Somebody (most likely a BYU student) got creative and made a sign out of plastic Dixie cups on an overpass in Provo claiming that Jimmer was the one actually responsible for the ultimate demise of the terrorist leader.

In a roundup of other BYU sports from this past week, No. 2 ranked BYU mens volleyball team lost at home to UCSB to end their season on a disappointing note.

BYU rugby finished their regular season undefeated and will now play Navy in the quarterfinals of the College Premier Division playoffs this Saturday at 1 pm at home. The game costs $2 for students and $5 for everyone else or can be viewed online at If you have a chance, get out there and support our men in their quest to win the NCAA title this year.

BYU Baseball upset No. 6 Arizona State 6-4 on Tuesday to even their record at 21-21 while ASU fell to 32-11. Next, BYU faces Seattle University in a three-game series starting on Thursday.

Last, and least (since its kind of embarrassing), the 2011 NFL draft came and went with no BYU players being selected in the 7 round event for the first time since 1994. This doesn't necessarily mean that none of the players who entered their names in the draft will make it to the NFL but with the lockout, none of them can sign as free agents with teams. If the lockout is lifted before the season gets underway, it will be tough for undrafted free agents to beat out veterans in a shortened training camp/preseason. Here's to hoping some of our guys can make it eventually though.