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Cougar Captions: Championship Rugby Edition

Hey everybody, its time again for Cougar Captions. As stated in Tracking the Cougars the other day, BYU Rugby is in the quarterfinals against Navy this Saturday. To honor them, this week's photo is of the rugby team. You know the rules: put your caption in the comments section and if you like someone else's caption rec it or comment on it. So here you go:

Opposing player: "My physics professor taught me that an object in motion stays in motion. Crap!"
BYU player: "I am Juggernaut!"

After the jump, last week's photo and winning caption.

Jimmer: (thinking) When Tre’von whines (which is a lot!) he looks like this.
Suit guy: (thinking) Whoa! Tre’Von is wearing a Jimmer jersey!!

This is what Paul Pierce checks his closet for at night.