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Tracking The Cougars: Jimmer, Jackson At The Work Outs

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As we all know Jimmer Fredette and Jackson Emery went through workouts with the Pacers and Jazz respectively; and obviously there's more coverage of Jimmer than Jackson. This one will just be a quick link dump.

Here and here are a couple of interviews from a local Indiana radio stations. (Thanks to IndyPacers.) It's interesting in one of them he says BYU never asked him to stop attending classes. He also says he still needs to finish his degree online.

Of course Sports Illustrated and ESPN have to put in their two cents, even it not the best sources. This one from Indy Star is a little better; it points out that there are still questions about his defense. This one also questions his defense and says that the Pacers have more pressing needs than another point guard. Of which they have two under contract.

Then of course there's Jackson Emery's workout. The Daily Herald has an excellent article on Jackson's workout with the Jazz. Apparently Jackson's been talking to other players who have gone to Europe to help out with his decisions. Oh, and his wife is pregnant and due in September. Not the best of timing.

KSL also has a piece on Emery. There's a good quote by him saying he's a bit undersized for a shooting guard, and that he'll need to work on his ball handling. There's also this one from KSL with basically the same informations, but on the right side there's a box labled "Cougar Cuts." One is Jazz Coach Ty Corbin talking about Emery and the other one is Emery himself.

More links and some videos after the jump.

So I lied about the videos, I couldn't find the embed codes so I'll just have to link you to them.

This one is a group interview with Jimmer at the Pacers workout. And then there's this interview on a show called "Pacers Crate."

And of course there's this one. It's of Jimmer and Nolan Smith (in the background) shooting threes and working their way around the arc. Jimmer goes 15 for his first 15 and 21 of 26 overall. Remember this is from the NBA 3 point line. Smith, on the other hand, has a problem hitting his shots. - Recruits gearing up for BYU's junior day
Now for a little football news (actually, the only football news.) BYU's junior day is coming up on Friday and that means up to 200 prep football players will be fighting with the hope of catching the coaching staff's eye.

NBA draft: New York Knicks must pass on BYU's Jimmer Fredette - ESPN New York
Ian O'Connor, columnist for ESPN New York, wants the Knicks to pass on Jimmer if he's still available with their number 17 pick. Surprisingly this article isn't anti-Jimmer at all; in fact, the guy seems to like Jimmer. The problem is, as always, Jimmer's defense. With Carmelo Anthony and Amar'e Stoudemire, who don't play much defense at all, what New York needs is a stopper. And Jimmer doesn't fill that role.