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Recruiting Battles

As most of you know, Chase Hansen (6'3" 210 lbs, QB) from Lone Peak HS committed to Utah instead of BYU this week.  His dad played for BYU, and it is the family favorite of the two schools.  So, it was surprising to all that he ultimately chose Utah.  


Lots of people out there are freakin' out about this.  They say that things are starting to change for recruiting between BYU and Utah, that Utah has the leg-up.  That even lifelong Cougar fans are going to UU.  

I honestly don't see this is a very big deal at all.  It's one kid.  It's not a make or break thing.  I'll be honest, before a couple of weeks ago I really had no idea who Chase Hansen was.  He has never been one of those recruits that I have really paid much attention to.  Especially since BYU landed Tanner Mangum and Tayson Hill.  BYU is looking really solid at the QB position for a while.  

But this isn't so much about losing out on a great athlete like Hansen, as it is about losing out on a great athlete like Hansen to Utah.  You never like to see a kid have BYU and Utah in their top two, and go to Utah.  That part sucks, yeah.  At the end of the day, oh freakin' well.  He's a Ute now, so I don't really care about him anymore.

I'm not losing sleep over this.


Please notice something.  Every time BYU makes a scholarship offer to someone, Utah is close to follow.  Especially with guys out of state that have absolutely no connection to Utah, yet once BYU makes an offer, Utah does too.