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Tracking The Cougars: Jimmer At Workouts

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As we all know Jimmer worked out with the Kings last Thursday. (Sorry I haven't had a TTC since then, I've been busy getting a new job.) Well, since then he has gone from a lower lottery mid first round pick to a very possible top 10 pick. He was impressive in the Kings workout. On both ends of the floor. That's right, he even impressed on defense. Jimmer was paired against UTEP guard Randy Culpepper, and reportedly beat him on both ends of the floor. He was able to stay in front of him on defense and blow by him on offense. And, as always, he had a great interview.

Also, here's some video from the workout.

UPDATE: A lot has been made about Jimmer at #7 to the Kings. TNT's David Aldridge was interviewed for the Follow Jimmer YouTube documentary. His comments about where Jimmer fits best can be found here. He says the key for Jimmer is to have on his team a low post threat that commands double teams (Demarcus Cousins) and a wing that can slash to the basket at will (Tyreke Evans). I dont pretend to be unbiased as I am a Kings fan but I think that young team would be one of the most ideal situations for him to go to. We all want him to be successful at the next level. Sacramento might be the place. - Lars.ON

He also worked out with the Phoenix Suns on Monday. The Suns were very tight lipped about their workouts so it's hard to get news from them. In fact I haven't found anything yet, but I'll keep looking and post the link when I find one.

Jimmer has come out and said he wants to work out against Kentucky's Brandon Knight and UConn's Kemba Walker. Although he wasn't able to get a workout against Knight, he is scheduled to work out against Kemba (finally we get to see Jimmer vs Kemba) on Wednesday. He'll probably never have a chance to workout against Knight, but I think it's a big plus that he get's to work out against Kemba. We'll see what happens.

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