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Tracking The Cougars: Jimmer vs. Kemba At The Jazz

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We finally got the Jimmer vs. Kemba match up we were all looking for, except not in the format we wanted. Both players worked out for the Jazz on Wednesday and reports are that Jimmer was again impressive. He continues to show that his defense is better than advertised in college and that he can be a true point guard; rather than a 2 guard or a combo guard. Even Walker was impressed with Jimmer's passing ability saying, "But I think he can play the point guard position on the next level."

Although it was a closed workout, with only select fans and media members allowed to watch from behind the glass, it's being reported that Jimmer was not outplayed by Walker. (Although the altitude may have something to do with it.)

Jimmer's draft stock has been steadily rising since the workouts have begun. When the draft process began he was a late lottery, mid first round pick. Possibly even falling into the late first round. Now he's basically a lock for a top 14 pick. He usually dips no lower than 13 to Phoenix and is projected as high as seven, to Sacramento; and with his most recent workout he may even go higher.

No, not to the Jazz at 3 (as a Jazz fan I wouldn't want that, as a BYU fan I'd be ecstatic). There are rumors going around that the Jazz are looking at trading some picks. Most recently it's being rumored that they are looking at trading up from their 12 pick. If they do manage a trade it could be to ensure they get Jimmer (or possibly Kemba) with his stock rising. This is just speculation but at this point almost everything is.

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I finally found some good stuff on Jimmer's workout with Phoenix. Jimmer has said he got "all positive feedback" from the Suns, which isn't much news at all. But he did work out against the taller Iman Shumpert (who had an incredible vert, 41" if I recall correctly) and still rarely missed. Also, the Suns General Manager said Jimmer "checks all the positive boxes as an NBA point guard." in this story.

You're an NBA general manager. Do you - 06.20.11 - SI Vault
Here's the Sports Illustrated article featuring Jimmer. (Dated June 20th.) One of my favorite quotes in here, from a NBA GM, is "he makes good reads and is underrated as a passer." This goes along with much of what we've been hearing out of the workouts.

UW commit Biegel claims Wisconsin-BYU series is set for 2014-15 - Bucky's 5th Quarter
According to BYU's scout page,, Wisconsin commit Vince Biegel, who was also considering BYU, says BYU and Wisconsin have agreed to play each other in 2014 and 2015. This confirms some of the rumors we heard before about BYU's future scheduling possibilities. But what I'm wondering is, there were three rumored games. A home/home/neutral. We'll just have to be more patient and wait for more information to leak.

Biegel also doesn't sound completely commited to Wisconsin. Although he says he's excited to play for them he's also still in contact with BYU coaches and plans to visit BYU again, possibly for the Utah game. (The link isn't directly to the TBS article because it requires a subscription.)