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NBA Draft/Jimmer "Game Thread"

Tonight is the NBA Draft and Jimmer has been invited to the "green room" as one of the 15 players expected to go in the lottery. There are lots of rumors swirling right now with trades and who will pick whom but one thing is for sure...this years draft is going to be an exciting one.

Come join in on the conversation. Cheer (or boo) for you team when they come up to draft. Cheer (or boo) for whoever picks Jimmer. Have fun and good luck to all the draftees especially Jimmer!

UPDATE: I don't have time to link it in but  Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports has Sacramento, Charlotte and Milwaukee in a three-way trade. Players included are Stephan Jackson, John Salmons, etc. Regarding the draft, #7 would go to Charlotte, #19 to Milwaukee and #10 to Sacramento. Smells like Jimmer to the Kings to me. -Lars.on