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Cougar Game Day show this fall, how would you do it?

This morning on Twitter I had an exchange with the face of BYUtv Sports Dave McCann. I threw out the idea of an ESPN College Game Day like program to air on BYUtv the morning of Saturday home games (and probably early afternoon for the Friday night games). Here is the exchange in its entirety.

@DaveMcCann8 will there be any kind of "college gameday-like" program on game days, regardless if the game is on @byutv or @espn?less than a minute ago via TweetCaster for Android Favorite Retweet Reply

We are working on that! Some really cool things are in the works!less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

We have been planning this for a while. It will take some time to evol e, buy pre and post game coverage are top priorities for us.less than a minute ago via Echofon Favorite Retweet Reply

So while some, Michael McQuain and Mitch Harper, wanted to give me credit on Twitter for this idea it appears as though it is already being worked on by the BYUtv brass. It is encouraging that they are thinking so big with BYUtv. I know that 90% plus of the viewership for this kind of programming will be BYU fans, but that it fine. So many fans across the country have had a hard time finding BYU coverage, that will change in TWO DAYS!

If I were in charge of this show, this is how I would do it. For Saturday games: 9am start time, live from the Museum of Paleontology parking lot, west of the museum. (They could set up there and not take up any spots in the big lot next door. They could even build a semi-permanent set for Gameday in the morning, then pre and post game stuff as well.) For Friday night games: 5pm start time. (I'd do it this way because Friday is not a football event day like Saturday. People get off work a little bit earlier, so 5pm would be good, I think.) The Crew: Dave McCann needs to host. He is the face of BYUtv Sports. This could become a flagship show, on par with True Blue. Blaine Fowler, who it appears will be the color commentator to McCann's play-by-play, should be there as well. So if we are following a CGD template, Dave McCann is Chris Fowler. Blaine Fowler would be Kirk Herbstreit. The Desmond Howard roll, former standout player, should be Chad Lewis. He is already working in the Athletic Department. He is a gifted speaker and tells entertaining stories. That leaves the Lee Corso roll to be filled by the legend himself, Lavell Edwards. He is still an integral part of the program. He was there at the Declaration of Independence press conference. Each week a guest BYU celebrity could be brought in. Some possibilities would be; Ty Detmer, Steve Young, Jimmer Fredette, Dave Rose, Danny Ainge, etc. A show of this magnitude would draw eyeballs to BYUtv.

That is my idea, what it is yours? Rip my idea apart or agree with it, have a different thought? Either way, share your thoughts in the comments below. Also, take the poll and tell us how you would interact with the show.