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Tracking The Cougars: Jimmer Works Out For The Knicks

Jimmer worked out with the Knicks yesterday and by all reports he again was impressive. As expected he shot the three exceptionally, he went 19-25. And of course Jimmer like the idea of going to the Knicks. That's almost common knowledge by now. But the problem is will the he be available when the Knicks pick?

There are many ideas of trading up in the draft to pick him. And you can check Knicks fans reactions to trading up for him here at the SBN Knicks site. College Football 100: 70-61 -
Eye On College Football bloggers have BYU's new tv contract at No. 62 on their Top 100 list. 

NBA executive: Jimmer Fredette 'could be a star' -
At least a couple of NBA higher ups think Jimmer can be a star. Will he? Possibly. Can he? I think so.

Collie’s colleagues heaping high praise
Could Dylan Collie be the best of the bunch? According to his dad he could be. Apparently his mechanics are better than His older brothers at that point in their High School careers. Even his high school coach says Collie will do more for the school than either of his older brothers. 

Spurs Nation " Draft prospect: Jimmer Fredette?
Spurs a possible landing spot for Jimmer? They did interview him at the combine, but that doesn't mean they're looking to draft him.

And here are the updates for Follow Jimmer. Because there are afive of them I'll just link to them instead of putting them in the post. 

YouTube - Meet Jimmer's Ladies (and the new "Titanium")
I'm a little disappointed it doesn't include Jimmer's girlfriend. But I must say that Titanium is adorable.

YouTube - Larry Bird's a Fan!
You can see a finger at the end on the right side.Just thought that was kinda interesting. 

YouTube - "I Can Fit in That Team Very Well..."
Anyone else think that logo in the bottom left corner looks like it belongs on the wings of a WWII era bomber?

YouTube - Grueling Workouts with the Pacers
Nothing really to say about this one.

YouTube - Tons of Tests in Indy!
185 questions personality test? Wow, I'd rather be working out all day. I wonder how far into it people stop reading the questions and start making pictures with the bubble sheets. Assuming they use those.