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Jr. Day Commits


I'm stuck hanging sheet rock today, but Jr. Day is this weekend and BYU, supposedly, has had four commit.  So far Austin Hoyt (6'7" 240 lbs, TE/DL, California) and Phillip Amone (6'0" 218 lbs, LB, Florida) are the only two that have actually been confirmed.

We'll have more as it becomes available, and when I'm done sheet rocking.

UPDATE: Brayden Kearsley (6'5" 277 lbs, OL, Oregon) has committed.  

Lots of offers going out today.

UPDATE II: Bobby Wolford (6"3" 230 lbs, MLB, Florida) is the 4th commit.  This one is a big get.  He has a little brother that is going to be a huge QB prospect in a couple of years, and wants to play with his Bobby.