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Declaration of Independence: BYU Style

Independence Day is coming up. People from all over the nation are gearing up to celebrate a grand event. They're popping out the sodas, pulling on the blue and white, making donations, and calling their TV providers. Wait, you thought I meant the 4th of July? No no no. Tomorrow, July the 1st, BYU will officially be a football independent, and we want to celebrate it.

To celebrate there are-at least-three things we would like you to do. First, and the easiest, is to don your BYU gear. Pull out your jerseys, your t-shirts, your hats. We want to make this a movement, and every movement needs it's calling card. And what better way than to have every BYU fan clad in the blue and white?

Next, let's thank some of those that made this whole thing possible. And what better way to say thank you than with a small donation? While in the MWC BYU fans had to search and scrap just to find the games. But with independence we'll now be saving money on TV plans, so why not use that money to make a kind donation?

And finally we want to make sure the TV networks know we're here. They're there to serve their customers right? (Ok, so maybe it's to make money. But we give them their money right?) So call your service provider and ask that they brodcast all BYUtv sports brodcasts in HD!

I'm sure there's more ways to celebrate you guys can come up with. Have fun with it. We are, after all, free from the tyrannical reign of The mtn. Do some early fireworks, shoot bottle rockets at your local Ute residence, drink a caffeinated drink. Whatever you do to have fun, do it. And celebrate BYU Independence Day, the 1st of July, the best you know how.