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BYU Chosen In 8th Round of NCAA Conference Re-Draft

I don't know how many of you are following Cowboys Ride For Free's NCAA Conference Re-Draft or have even heard about it. Basically it was an idea that they came up with during the whole NCAA conference apocalypse of all the conference swapping that started last summer. Six SBNation college blogs were chosen to be the commissioners of the new conferences. The rules (which can be found in their entirety here) basically state that the commissioners must draft their conference based on the best overall school until each new conference has at least 12 schools and up to 16 if they chose to go that high.

As things progressed though the rounds, no mid-majors had been chosen (with the exception of Notre Dame, if you can call them mid-major) but the commissioners were starting to rank BYU, Utah and TCU up near the tops of their draft boards. Finally with the second pick in the 8th round, the House of a Thousand Sanctions Conference run by House of Sparky chose BYU to join their conference. With the very next pick, Utah was chosen and then TCU was selected two picks after that.

I think its a pretty big honor that we were the first mid-major selected in the Re-Draft and I am proud to be part of House of Sparky's conference even though I don't think the name of the conference is fitting. (BYU and PSU are the only CFB schools that have won a National Title and never received a major violation.) One of the coolest things about our new conference is the fact that Notre Dame is also in the conference and we have the rivalry with them as huge religious schools.

Other schools currently in the House of a Thousand Sanctions Conference are (in order of draft): USC, Notre Dame, Oregon, Tennessee, Syracuse, Kentucky and Pittsburgh. I'd say that's a pretty legit conference.

For House of Sparky's story about drafting BYU, go here and maybe leave a comment or two.