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Friday Flashback: Luke Staley vs. Utah 2001

In 2001, Luke Staley won BYU's only Doak Walker award. He ushered in a decade that featured dominate running backs at BYU; namely Staley, Curtis Brown and Harvey Unga. Perhaps the greatest running back in BYU history (debate that if you want to in the comments below) Luke had an outstanding season in 2001, which was ultimately capped by this performance in the rivalry game. After a bye week BYU played Mississippi St, winning 12-0, but Staley suffered a season-ending injury. With one game left, against Hawaii, the BCS decided to prematurely eliminate BYU from BCS consideration. After having lost their star running back and a chance at the "big time" BYU sulked into Aloha Stadium and got destroyed. It was a magical season, dashed by two very unfortunate events. So let's look back with fondness at the last time we saw Luke Staley as he truly was, the most dominant running back in BYU history.

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