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Friday Flashback: When the Rise Began

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Looking back, 10 months ago, Tom Holmoe stood at a podium and made this statement:

With this announcement, and new partnership with ESPN and the West Coast Conference (ESPN especially), BYU set a new course going forward. They bucked the trend of joining a conference to set out on their own. I was very excited by this move. One of my first thoughts at the time was, "OK, we will have the exposure we want. We won't be buried on the mtn anymore. All that is left to do is go out and win."

Unfortunately, our football team was coming into a "rebuilding-like" season, having lost many star players. Our on the field performance gave fuel to the doubters out there. Luckily the football team was bailed out by the single greatest season for any BYU player since Ty Detmer's 1990 Heisman season. Jimmer Fredette was a mainstay on SportsCenter and national basketball coverage. Jimmer single handily set the course for BYU going forward.

The new theme for the entire BYU athletic department is "Rise Up." BYU athletics is trying raise their level of play going forward. This video, narrated by Lamont Morgan Jr.,  shows when the rise really began.

BYU Athletics - Rise from BYU Athletics on Vimeo.