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Cougar Center Top 25: Preseason

I will be representing in the Top 25 Poll this season. Each week MitchBean & J-Mace will be breaking down the top 25 and having poll voters on the show as well. I will post my ballot each week with a breakdown (as best as possible) of why I slotted a team in a particular spot. Feel free to ripe my ballot apart in the comments section. Just keep it civil and present some form of reasoning with your opinion. We love the debate here.

On a personal note: I am opposed to preseason polls. It is very difficult to gage where a team is at based on last season and spring ball/fall camp. I reserve the right to totally shake up my top 25 after week 1 or week 2.

Top 25 after the jump. No breakdown this week because no games have been played yet.

1 Oklahoma

2 Alabama

3 Boise St


5 Stanford

6 Oregon

7 Florida St

8 Nebraska

9 Oklahoma St

10 South Carolina

11 Virginia Tech

12 Ohio St

13 Arkansas

14 Wisconsin

15 Michigan St

16 Georgia

17 Mississippi St

18 USC

19 Missouri

20 Florida

21 Penn St

22 West Virginia

23 Texas

24 Arizona St

25 TCU