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Troy Hinds Commits to BYU

In a press release sent out this morning, Troy Hinds (6'4" 225 lbs, DE, Davis HS) announced that he will be committing to play football for BYU.  I love hearing statements like, "I know in my heart that BYU is the best school for me."  It makes me feel all warm inside.

I'm sure you've read plenty by now, so I won't go into great detail.  

Guys, this is a big deal.  This is a prospect that had numerous offers from "big-time" schools, and he is now ours.  With the whole Chase Hansen (who?) thing that went down earlier this year, people were freaking out and saying that the Utes are now taking charge in Utah.  Like I said before, I don't care.  In-state recruiting has been a big deal this year, and getting Troy Hinds is way better than getting Chase Hansen (seriously, I never heard of this guy until this year).  

Troy Hinds is a different in-state battle than most.  He is considered the top recruit in the state of Utah, and this wasn't really a battle between Utah and BYU, but with pretty much the whole entire PAC 12.  

I now laugh at them all.


Enjoy that video, there are many of them.

What is awesome about this 2012 recruiting class, is that they are recruiting each other, just like the class of 2010.  They are also all rising in stock, especially Tanner Mangum.  

Anyway, Hinds is a DE in high school, but BYU plans to play him at the WLB spot.  He's big, he's quick, and he's smart.  This makes me very happy.  I'm crazy stoked for the future of BYU football.  To celebrate I'm going to treat myself to an ice-cold Mtn Dew.  

Football is upon us, Cougar fans, and it is such a good feeling.