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GameDay Thread: UCF Knights at BYU Cougars

First off, I want to apologize for not having a game thread up for last week's game vs Utah. It was a crazy week for me that included having to work the day of the game and I totally spaced opening the game thread. I was originally planning on watching my DVRed version of the game after work and recapping it but when I heard the score I had absolutely no desire to put myself through that.

That being said...TODAY IS ANOTHER BYU HOME GAME!!!!!!!! Now is the time to shake off last week's embarrassment and Rise Up as fans. We need to show up in force at LaVell Edwards Stadium and show our boys the support they deserve. I will be at the game so I'm not sure how often I'll be able to stop by here on my phone but I will try to leave comments whenever I can.

P.S. There is a tailgate, hosted by the Cougar Center guys, at the Marriott Center parking lot starting at noon and going up until right before the game starts so if you are going to the game, stop by and say hi. GO COUGS!!!!!