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GameDay Open Thread: Utah State Aggies vs BYU

It's game day, Cougar fans! Time to avenge last season's loss to the Aggies and restore order to the universe. This year BYU is at home and has been struggling on offense but the players haven't forgotten what happened last time. I believe they are ready for some serious payback. It's up to us fans to support the team as best as we can today! If you are going to the game, dress up in royal blue (you don't want to be confused with the USU supporters, do you?) and cheer loud. If you are watching on TV from the comfort of your home, tune in early and enjoy. If you are not able to watch or listen, keep a prayer of victory in your hearts.

I won't be able to be on here much since I'll be at LES but I will try to hop on every once in a while from my phone if I have service. Leave your comments below!