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New Year's Resolutions for Cougar Nation

Oh what a year it was. Independence. Team Jake. Team Riley. Big 12. Big East. And of course, JIMMER. It was a year to remember and one we will review with an upcoming feature. As for this New Year's Day, we look to the future and what resolutions we desire for the year on tap. So, Cougar Nation, what are you New Year's Resolutions for the upcoming 2012 season? I have a few on my mind...

  • I vow to refrain from hyping the 2012 football team before the season kicks off. One. Game. At. A. Time.
  • I pledge to keep my Honor Code jokes to a minimum.
  • I swear to question Brandon Doman's play-calling at every opportune moment.
  • I undertake to vigorously condemn Riley Nelson's inability to snap his helmet, cover his abs, keep his hair to Honor Code standards, and throw the ball 40 yards.
  • I covenant to also praise Riley Nelson for his tenacity and heart. Oh, and is innate ability to just win, baby.
  • I commit to remind my fellow BYU friends that Dave Rose is the gift that keeps on giving.
  • I bind myself to mock Craig Thompson, San Diego State, and people who put Conference before Team.
  • I will "Have A Real Good Time."
  • Your turn!