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Hoops Temperature Check: Jan 11

Let's check back in with college basketball's nerds, number crunchers, and prognosticators to see where they say BYU stands.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN: BYU is an 11-seed vs 6-seed Seton Hall. (Last week: 9-seed)

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports: BYU is an 11-seed vs 6-seed Virginia.

Chris Dobbertean, SB Nation: BYU is a 12-seed vs 5-seed Vanderbilt.

Andy Glockner, BYU is still "In The Mix." (Last week: In The Mix)

Mid-Major Top-25: BYU is ranked #10. (Last week: #15)

Ken Pomeroy ranking: BYU is #20. (Last week: #18)