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As Carlino improves BYU improves

In interviews after BYU's big home win over USF coach Dave Rose went out his was to compliment his starting point guard Matt Carlino. Coach Rose said the USF game was Carlino's best of the season. That is high praise when you consider that on paper nothing stands out as being extraordinary from Carlino in that USF game. But Rose indicated he was most pleased with Carlino's overall game management more than any particular stat line.

USF was just Carlino's 8th game as a collegian. As Carlino gets more games under his belt his management of BYU's offense continues to improve. In addition his effectiveness on the defensive end of the court is getting better and better.

Carlino is clearly a quick study. He is getting better rapidly this season. That is good news for BYU and bad news for BYU's future opponents.