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BYU Hoops Temperature Check: Jan 18

Time to check back in with college basketball's bracketologists and prognosticators to see where BYU basketball stands in rankings and brackets.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN: 12-seed and in "last four in," playing in a play-in game vs. 12-seed Cincinnati (Last week: 11-seed)

Jerry Palm, CBS Sports: 13-seed and in "last four in," playing in a play-in game vs. 13-seed Stanford (Last week: 11-seed)

Chris Dobbertean, SB Nation: "Last four out" (Last week: 12-seed)

Andy Glockner, BYU is still "In The Mix." (Last week: In The Mix)

Mid-Major Top-25: #9 (Last week: #10)

Ken Pomeroy ranking: #20 (Last week: #20)

* * * * *

So what gives? BYU has done nothing but win over the last few weeks, why the drop in seeding? Well, it mostly has to do with the schedule. The strength of schedule gets watered down with each game, because the Cougars have only played Saint Mary's once and have yet to play Gonzaga. Since BYU has lost its biggest tests (Baylor and St Mary's), both the numbers and the minds of bracketologists have a "jury's still out" lean to BYU. BYU can change its bracket momentum greatly during the 8-day Virginia Tech-Saint Mary's-Gonzaga stretch from January 25 through February 2.