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Brandon Davies: WCC superstar

I remember having a clear, distinct thought while watching the BYU Jimmers last year: The 2011-2012 Cougars will be Brandon Davies' team. He will be the star, all he needs are more touches.

I don't think I was alone, either. I think BYU hoops fans everywhere were looking forward to a breakout year from our local big man. What's more, I think Davies himself figured he was going to be the BMOC this year, and he took on the challenge with gusto.

Well it didn't happen quite as soon as I thought (took him half a season, in fact), but BD is finally starting to look like a true superstar. But then, I shouldn't be surprised. Brandon Davies is a solid player all year round, but conference play is where he shines.

Take a look at these numbers:

2011-2012 WCC Non-Conf
Avg. Pts 18.5 11.2
Avg. Reb 10.3 7.2

The improvement is eye-popping, isn't it? But we don't need numbers to tell us what we already know: Brandon Davies is the premier big in the WCC. He's averaging a double-double in conference play. He demands a double team. And unlike earlier in the year when his play was dogged with inconsistency, he's playing with patience, finding open guys and letting the game come to him.

And lest we consider this just a one-season thing, I'd like to also point out that Davies' scoring and rebounding numbers also improved when conference play began last year in the MWC:

2010-2011 MWC Non-Conf
Avg. Pts 11.4 10.9
Avg. Reb 7.3 5.2

Dave Rose asked Brandon Davies to be someone he could count on every game, not just once in a while. It looks like Davies is finally becoming that guy.