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Uh-hunh! Here we go again! The Big 12 got us feelin like Jadakiss

If you aren't used to it by now, I'm not sure what to tell you. You just have to let it roll off your back, and echo our good pal Jadakiss and just say "here we go again."

With Navy announcing its intent to join the Big East, apparently #EXPANSIONCRISIS2012 is under way. The Chronicle, a news source covering colleges and universites, is reporting that the Big 12 is re-opening expansion talks. It wouldn't surprise you if BYU was mentioned, would it?

The Chronicle reports while no decision is "imminent" (ah, our favorite word from this decade of expansion crises), there are two schools that top the list of expansion candidates -- Louisville and BYU.

But wait! There's more! (c. Billy Mays) -- there is some opposition to going past 10! They might even stop at 11!

We've heard it all before. Here we go again.

(Song provided is instrumental, couldn't find a clean version. Song title is in this post title. Find it if you'd like.)

***UPDATE*** (1/25 at 12:09 pm MT)

The Fort Worth Star-Telegram is reporting a league spokesman confirmed that the Big 12 expansion committee is meeting today. While no expansion is near, today's meeting is apparently one to "sound out those differences" between schools who want to stay at 10 and those that want to expand further.