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Hoops Temperature Check: Jan 3

The nerds have spoken in the first update of 2012. Here's where the Cougars sit.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN's Bracketologist, currently has BYU as a 9-seed against nose-diving Xavier. BYU is not listed in last four in.

Andy Glockner of Sports Illustrated has BYU "In The Mix," or on/near the bubble.

The latest Mid-Major Top-25 poll has BYU 15th (St. Mary's is at 6, Gonzaga at 4).

Ken Pomeroy interestingly has BYU at #18 in the country.

QUICK REACTION: As of now, I lean toward agreeing with our friend Mr. Glockner, but think a very weak Pac-12 will work in BYU's favor come selection time. The bottom of the WCC will hurt a bit, so BYU must win against lesser opponents at home and on the road. Right now, in my view, BYU is sitting at or near the bubble. Performances that show the Cougars are clearly head and shoulders above the bottom two-thirds of the WCC will help move BYU away from the bubble; a win in Blacksburg at the end of this month would help even more.