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The Pulse: Are BYU Fans Unhappy with Bronco Mendenhall?

For the past two days on the Twittersphere, I have taken part in conversations questioning whether Bronco Mendenhall is best coach for the job. This caught me by surprise as a number of those who posited these questions were individuals I consider to be even-handed and sane BYU fans. (Looking at you @aolsen) I certainly have my thoughts on this idea, but I'll keep them to the comment section of this piece.

The general dialogue settled on a couple of key concepts:

  • Is Bronco Mendenhall getting the most out of the program in regards to the talent pool?
  • Is there a coach out there (Andy Reid is mentioned the most) who would be a better fit?
  • Has Bronco reached his ceiling as a head coach?

Your turn, Cougar Nation...