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Podcast 83: Oregon State preview, the QB debacle, and Jabari

In episode 83, Matt and Adam discuss the fallout from the Taysom Hill injury, discuss the state of the offense, praise the defense, and preview the Oregon State game. They might also discuss the Billboard Top 100 from 1983, and Jabari's Top 5.

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In this 60-minute episode of the podcast, it's all Matt and Adam talking BYU sports. With so much going on, who has time for a guest?

First up is a discussion of making Jabari Parker's top 5 and what that may mean for the future of BYU basketball. Then Adam explains why you won't hear much basketball talk on the podcast the next couple of weeks.

Then it's on to football, including the fallout over the Taysom Hill injury, Brandon Doman's future as the offensive coordinator, and whether Oregon State's back-up QB should call in sick on Saturday instead of spending the afternoon in the arms of Ezekiel Ansah. They also talk about their favorite songs from 1983.

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