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BYU in the NFL: Dennis Pitta and BYU fantasy football geeks

Dennis Pitta is complicating decisions for BYU aligned fantasy football owners everywhere. If you're the guy who has to own and start a BYU player (we all know someone), deciding what to do with Pitta has got to be agonizing. Of course you could pick up the Steeler D and rely on the leadership of Brett Keisel to bring you points. But who wants to count on a defense in fantasy football?

Rob Carr - Getty Images

Dennis Pitta - Baltimore Ravens - Dennis Pitta is owned in 100% of fantasy football leagues that are filled with BYU fans. As pointed out in this SB Nation article, his fantasy worth appears to be declining recently. Pitta had 4 catches for 33 yards. While he is consistently getting targets, he's not putting up incredible fantasy numbers. The Ravens offense is designed to spread the ball around. So for BYU fantasy football geeks that have to have at least one BYU guy on the roster, Pitta at the TE slot is still not a terrible deal.

Brett Keisel - Pittsburgh Steelers - As pointed out in this article on the CBS Pittsburgh blog, Brett Keisel is doing the best he can to lead the Steelers out of their 2-3 start into a more competitive mid season stretch. In the past Brett has taken personal responsibility for Steeler shortcomings and now appears to be encouraging his teammates to step up in critical situations. The Steelers lost a Thursday night contest last week and have a little extra time to prepare for the Sunday night engagement with the Cincinnati Bengals.

Dallas Reynolds - Philadelphia Eagles - Reynolds was credited for a fumble on a botched snap to Eagles quarterback Michael Vick. Michael Vick is likely relieved to see someone else receive some blame for an Eagles turnover. The Eagles gave up a late game and OT comeback to the Detroit Lions and are headed into the bye week with a loss. It was a tough day for the former Cougar who is filling in at center. In a city where everybody is trying to keep their job, he needs to step up.

Vic So'oto - Oakland Raiders - So'oto saw limited action this weekend for the Raiders. However, according to this article in the San Francisco Chronicle last week, he seems to have made a very positive impression on the Raider coaching staff.

Bryan Kehl - Kansas City Chiefs - Kehl is still with the Chiefs.

Austin Collie - Indianapolis Colts - Recovering from knee surgery

John Denney - Miami Dolphins - Still the long snapper.