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Podcast 84: Notre Dame Preview and Mid-Season MVPs

Adam and Matt break down the QB situation, preview the Notre Dame game, and discuss the best songs of 1984. Notre Dame blogger Chris Wilson then joins Adam to discuss the Fighting Irish.

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It's another episode of the podcast, and Adam and Matt get together to talk BYU football. First up is a #Tweetbag question and a discussion of how the coaching staff is handling the QB situation. Then it's on to there mid-season MVP awards for the offense and defense, with at least one name that may surprise you. Finally, it's prediction time, and Adam and Matt do not forecast good things for the Cougars. And the Billboard Top 100 for 1984 figures prominently throughout.

Adam is then joined by Chris Wilson, a writer for the excellent Notre Dame blog One Foot Down. Adam grills Chris about whether Notre Dame really deserves to be ranked so highly and what his comfort level is with the current team. Chris then explains the keys to victory for the Fighting Irish. He also expresses optimism for the Brian Kelly era and hopes the Cougars and Irish play often.

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