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BYU in the NFL: The Pitta and Keisel Show

Dennis Pitta continues to be a very comfortable target for Joe Flacco in Baltimore while Brett Keisel's beard is in full effect in Pittsburgh.

Thomas B. Shea

Dennis Pitta - Baltimore Ravens - Pitta led the team in receptions last week with 5 in a loss to the Houston Texans. Houston unleashed the beast on the Ravens defense that was missing star and leader Ray Lewis. Flacco targeted Pitta a total of 8 times. Only one other receiver got more looks. Pitta was good for 33 yards in those 5 receptions.

Brett Keisel - Pittsburgh Steelers - Da Beard registered one tackle in the Sunday night win over Cincinnati. In an interview after the game Brett cited the Steelers ability to stick to the game plan and trust each other for the win. Keisel appears at about the 1:18 mark in this video

Dallas Reynolds - Philadelphia Eagles - The Philadelphia Eagles offensive line was on the verge of being blown up this past week after a series of dismal performances by the offensive unit as a whole. It turns out that Reynolds has maintained his position as starting center, at least for the time being. But if the offense does not turn this around quickly the coaching staff will likely make some dramatic changes to an already depleted offensive line.

Bryan Kehl - Kansas City Chiefs - Kehl has not registered any statistics for the Chiefs since being added earlier this month.

Vic So'oto - Oakland Raiders - So'oto participated for the Raiders in the win against Jacksonville.

John Denney - Miami Dolphins - still the long snapper

Austin Collie - Indianapolis Colts - recovering from knee surgery