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Podcast 82: Utah State preview with Jay Drew

In Episode 82, Jay Drew helps Adam analyze the Hawai'i game and preview Utah State. Matt comes on to do a little of the same and to play answering machine (awkward).

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

It might be the most important BYU-Utah State game in a long time, a battle for state bragging rights. We bring on Jay Drew of the Salt Lake Tribune to talk about what we saw against Hawaii, what to make of the QB 'controversy', whether Doman and Mendenhall are a house divided, a little about conference expansion, and even less about basketball and a bulked up Matt Carlino.

Matt (Mangum, not Carlino) makes his weekly appearance. Topics include: the Washington Nationals making the playoffs; what BYU's offense beating up on Hawai'i means (if anything); the likelihood Riley Nelson plays on Friday; the Big East's courtship of BYU; and predictions for the Utah State game. The brotherly duo also tackle your questions from the #Tweetbag and dust off the old answering machine.

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