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BYU in the NFL: Brett Keisel and the Steelers D now haunt RGIII's dreams

The Pittsburgh Steelers came ready for an early Halloween party dressed as bumblebee inmates. They turned out to be rookie quarterback RGIII's worst nightmare. Brett Keisel and his Steeler D held the rookie sensation to a spooky 8 yards rushing.

Justin K. Aller

Brett Keisel - Pittsburgh Steelers - Keisel was definitely not explaining the Steelers uniforms when he said, "We knew we didn't want to get too creative. We just wanted to play the way we know how." Instead he was discussing the Steelers game plan for defending RGIII. Going into this game Griffin had been giving opposing defenses fits. The Steeler defense did exactly what they needed to do. RGIII's line: 16/34, 177 yards passing and an astonishing 8 yards rushing. Brett was in on 3 tackles and one more for a loss. The scariest halloween costume in Washington DC this year turns out to be a bumblebee.

Dennis Pitta - Baltimore Ravens - Baltimore followed the lead of every other major organization on the eastern seaboard and cancelled everything in anticipation of Frankenstorm. Well, actually they were on a bye this week. Word is that Pitta spent the weekend nailing plywood over the windows of his home and searching area Walmarts for bottled water and other supplies.

Vic So'oto - Oakland Raiders - Vic recorded a single tackle on punt return coverage early in the fourth quarter of the Raiders win over the Chiefs.

Dallas Reynolds - Philadelphia Eagles - The Philadelphia Eagles are a work in progress right now. The same can be said of Dallas Reynolds. Reynolds continues to start at Center for an injury riddled O-line on a team that is struggling. In the midst of all of the chaos around him, Dallas Reynolds appears to be making some progress and fitting into his role. But if the Eagles can't turn things around during the remainder of the season, it may not matter. A turnover in coaching staff and a mediocre performance by the O-line would likely lead to changes to the Eagles offensive lineup. This past week they were drubbed by a talented Falcons team.

Austin Collie - Indianapolis Colts - Recovering from season ending knee surgery

John Denney - Miami Dolphins - Long Snapper

Bryan Kehl - Kansas City Chiefs - Bryan has been listed as a participant in one game since being picked up by the Chiefs a few weeks ago.