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Podcast 86: Georgia Tech recap and basketball preview with Dick Harmon

Adam is joined by Dick Harmon of the Deseret News to talk football and basketball. Matt also comes on to tackle those topics and the year 1986.


Adam is joined by Dick Harmon of the Deseret News to talk all things BYU sports, including Tom Holmoe's comments about chemistry problems on the BYU football coaching staff and potential problems with the 2013 football schedule. Dick then also shares his thoughts on what players are likely to make an impact for the basketball team beyond the usual suspects of Matt Carlino and Brandon Davies.

Matt then joins Adam to recap the Georgia Tech game, including a discussion of whether Adam was wrong about OC Brandon Doman. They also get giddy about Jamaal Williams and Ezekial Ansah. They preview the upcoming basketball season including a discussion of what kind of season they expect from Davies, where they think BYU finishes in the WCC, and where the Cougars finish in the NCAA tournament. They also explore the movies and music of 1986.

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