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9-Line Prediction: BYU v. Utah State

9 Line Vegas-style predictions: Can BYU escape the upset desires of Chuckie and the USU Aggies?

Russ Isabella-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

1. Times Bronco Mendenhall will cough into this headset: LINE 1.5 -- Someone get The Man a lozenge. OVER

2. BYU turnovers: LINE: 2 - With all signs pointing to Taysom Hill getting the start, you have to think the young Freshman will make a few mistakes over the course of the game. Gary Andersen is a great defensive mind, and BYU fans have been privy to this fact during his tenure at Utah and now Utah State. OVER

3. Utah State Pass Attempts greater than 40 yards - LINE: 2.5 - Washington State, Weber State, Utah, and Boise State all tried the deep vertical route against BYU. Hawaii did not use it enough. OVER

4. "Taysom Hill is 22 years old" - LINE 2,403,494 -- We have Rod Gilmore on the call, folks. The man who informed America that Taysom Hill was 22 years old just under 2,403,493 times during last week's broadcast. UNDER

5. Charles E. Keeton TD passes + Interceptions - LINE 2.5 - Y'all know I am huge fan of Chuckie Keeton. He makes plays with his feet and is wise beyond his years. Whether he can make plays with his arm against the BYU defense will be a defining point of the game. Keeton had a career night against UNLV last week. This BYU defense is just a tad better. OVER

6. Cody Hoffman Total Receptions - LINE 3.5 - No one benefitted from Riley Nelson more than Cody Hoffman. BYU's best receiver became Nelson's security blanket time and again. Can Taysom get #2 involved in the action? OVER

7. Kerwynn Williams Rushing Yards - LINE 72.5 yards - The Las Vegas native has really blossomed into a great back during his senior campaign. Williams will have the ball in his hands out of both the rushing and passing game. Maybe more so out of the latter considering BYU's prowess at stopping the run. I think he will have an impact, but it may be more out of the backfield. UNDER

8. Total Points Scored: LINE 46.5 - Bronco Mendenhall v. Gary Andersen. UNDER

9. Line: BYU by -6.5 - BYU seemingly found its offensive rhythm against one of the worst teams in all of division 1 football. there anything we can take from that performance? Sure. BYU played as it should against an inferior opponent. Utah State's victory over Utah and near-miss at Wisconsin prove that the Aggies will be much more of a test. Gary Andersen has BYU's number. Utah State is also 5-0 against the spread in 2012. NOT COVER

PREDICTION: The BYU defense is good enough to keep the Utah State offense in check. Taysom Hill may deal with a slight sophomore slump in his second start. This one will be close late into the fourth quarter, where BYU defense will make the key play, sealing the Cougars second-straight victory over the Aggies in Provo in as many years. BYU 24 Utah State 19.