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Clearing the Cranium: Post-game BYU vs. Utah State thoughts

A win is a win is a win. BYU's defense dominated on Conference-Eve and the Cougars moved to 4-2 on the season. Now, the particulars.

Douglas C. Pizac-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

• Remember when Brandon Doman called a QB draw, up 6-3 with the clock running under 1:12, and just one USU timeout remaining? I hope it was some form of miscommunication because there is NO EXCUSE. Ask Tom Thib. I don't understand Brandon Doman's offense. I don't understand his decision making. I don't understand his play calling. The only thing I understand is that I don't understand. What exactly is Doman's offense blueprint? Balance for balance sake? Sure, Taysom HIll is a freshman QB, but these problems go back to last season.

• I commented on Twitter that I never wanted to see the BYU-USU game film ever again. Hyperbole. I love defense and yesterday's performance was the Sistine Chapel.

• What more can you say about Bronco D? The nation's fifth-ranked defense was everything and then some last night. For the 13 consecutive quarter, BYU held its opponents without an offensive touchdown. Utah State was held to 200 yards and 25 points below its season average.

• The kicking game is a dumpster fire and Bronco Mendenhall has little if no remedy for the situation, short of becoming The Provo Riverboat Gambler. It will be interesting to see what he decides to do moving forward.
• Mendenhall has already shown sings of being the Provo Riverboat Gambler this year. Faking field goals, going for it on 4th down in the first half, and going for 2 late in the fourth quarter. Now, all we need is an onside kick and Bronco will have become a new man.

Paul Lasike: 2 carries, 1 yard, 1 fumble in the first quarter and no carries afterward. I agree with @Mac_Diego; seems overly punitive to me.

• Jamaal Williams is tough as nails and his workmanlike effort against the Aggies made me forget he is a 17-year-old freshman. Well, I would have, if Blackburn-Gilmore didn't remind me of that fact after every one of his carries. But seriously, I don't worry about his ball security. I don't worry about his inability to find the hole. I don't worry about anything when he carries the ball.

• Disheartening to hear about the end of Famika Anae's career due to a collection of injuries. Anae was just a Sophomore and his first start against Hawaii showed his potential. All the best, Famika.

• Does Ross Apo look disinterested?

• One thing is for sure: Cody Hoffman is a man. BYU's best playmaker just keeps getting better and better. Hoffman made more than a few terrific catches on Friday night, and was a key cog in the Cougars only scoring drive.

• The next three games: vs. #14 Oregon State, @ #9 Notre Dame, @Georgia Tech. This is what football independence is all about, folks.

• Gary Andersen is a classy, classy dude. Not to mention a great football coach. Andersen had nothing but good to say about BYU as an institution, a football program, a coaching staff, and a fan base. (minus one dude who apparently got on his nerves during the game)

• Best Quote: Kyle Van Noy on Ziggy Ansah: "That's my guy. Oh my goodness. My man didn't even know what football was four years ago...That's Westside Ghana for you."

Riley Stephenson can't allow his failed PAT's affect his punting. It did last night and BYU was in a field position hole for much of the night as a result.