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Bronco's record against ranked opponents

Bronco Mendenhall's record against ranked opponents leaves room to be desired. (Understatement)

Jake Roth-US PRESSWIRE - Presswire

BYU last hosted a ranked team at home in 2009 when it defeated Utah. Only two other times , both losses, have the Cougars hosted a ranked opponent during the Bronco Mendenhall era. (Boston College in 2005 and TCU in 2009)

Bronco Mendenhall has struggled mightily against ranked opponents during his tenure in Provo. BYU is just 4-11 in games against ranked opponents, with three of those wins coming in 2009.


Additionally, Bronco Mendenhall is 2-12 against teams who finished the season ranked in the Top 25.


Y'all know I am a fierce Mendenhall Apologist. There is no one better to run BYU's football program. And I mean that statement as generally as it sounds. Still, these numbers give even a jihadi pause. With both Oregon State and Notre Dame ranked in the Top 10, the Cougars have a chance to improve that record over the next two weeks. Can Mendenhall stem the tide?