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BYU in the NFL: Mike Tomlin thinks that Brett Keisel is ugly

Does Mike Tomlin really think that Brett Keisel is ugly? See what Tomlin had to say about Keisel after Sunday's win. The Keisel led defensive front had three sacks against Dallas Reynolds and the Eagle Offensive Line. In Baltimore, Dennis Pitta continues to be a reliable target for Joe Flacco.

Justin K. Aller - Getty Images

Brett Keisel - Pittsburgh Steelers - Da Beard had a tackle for a loss in the Steelers win over the Philadelphia Eagles. He is the captain of a defense that is the 3rd best against the pass and 11th best against the run this season. After the game Brett took some criticism from coach Mike Tomlin in stride. In fact, he did not even break stride on his way into the locker room.

Bryan Kehl - Kansas City Chiefs - After signing with the Chiefs last week Bryan has been listed as a third string Linebacker. A solid Special Teams contributor in the past, Bryan will likely see time on coverage teams where he will have the opportunity to make a few tackles and work his way into some PT.

Dennis Pitta - Baltimore Ravens - Dennis caught three of the four passes thrown his way last weekend in the Ravens win over the Kansas City Chiefs. he accounted for 22 yards of the Ravens 187 receiving yards for the night. The Baltimore offense has continued to spread the ball out to multiple receivers. Eight different receivers saw passes thrown their way on Sunday.

Dallas Reynolds - Philadelphia Eagles - The Eagle O Line surrendered 3 sacks to the Pittsburgh defensive front. Dallas continues to fill in as the starter at center.

Vic So'oto - Oakland Raiders - So'oto has been listed as a second string linebacker after having been picked up by the Raiders last week.

Austin Collie - Indianapolis Colts - Recovering from knee surgery

John Denney - Miami Dolphins - Still the long snapper.