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Podcast 88: SJSU and NYC previewing with Greg Wrubell

It's a big weekend for BYU sports, and we have you covered with our preview of both the basketball team's big weekend in NYC, and the football team's match-up against San Jose State, with special guest Greg Wrubell.

Scott Cunningham

Greg Wrubell, the voice of the Cougars, joins us in episode 88. We chat with Greg about what we've learned about the Cougar basketball team through two games. He also helps us preview San Jose State, and cautions us not overlook a better-than-expected Spartans team.

Amidst paying homage to the popular music of the year 1988, Matt and Adam also cover several topics, including why joining the Big East does nothing for the Cougars, and just how much Adam dislikes San Diego State. They also preview the SJSU football game and this weekend's trip to NYC for the Cougar hoopters. All this and much more for your listening pleasure, which can also be downloaded on iTunes. And if you enjoy our witty repartee, don't forget to follow us on Twitter @byu_riseshout.