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Podcast 89: A tough weekend for the Cougars

It was a tough weekend for BYU sports fans, but Adam and Matt are here to brighten your day with some hope for 2013, and a lot of randomly inserted song titles from 1989.

Alex Trautwig

It was not a great weekend for BYU sports fans, but that doesn't stop Adam and Matt from turning in the grittiest, most 1989-pop-music-laden podcast in podcast history.

They start out talking about how conference expansion destroyed an otherwise fascinating weekend in college football. They also pick their ideal destinations for BYU if the Cougars don't remain independent. They bemoan what went wrong with the offense against San Jose State, sing the praises of Van Noy, Ansah and Ogeltree, and wonder what James Lark ever did to make the coaching staff hate his guts.

It's then on to BYU basketball and a lost weekend in NYC. They ponder maybe the most important question for Cougar hoops: what is Matt Carlino's ceiling? And if you don't know Brandon Davies by now (and his flaw of getting into foul trouble), you may never, never know him. They also give a shout out to the women's soccer team.

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