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Podcast 90: Jay Drew talks football coaching staff and Jabari

Adam is joined by Jay Drew to talk about the BYU coaching staff, who starts at QB, and a little about a guy named Jabari. And Matt and Adam beat 1990 like a dead horse.

Douglas C. Pizac-US PRESSWIRE

In episode 90 of the Rise & Shout podcast, Adam chats with friend of the podcast Jay Drew about the BYU coaching staff. Jay speculates on what types of coaching staff changes we might expect, he comments on Brandon Doman's job security, and he explains why he thinks this coaching staff works as hard as others. Jay also comments on Jabari's visit to campus and how Dave Rose's staff feels about their chances to land the all-world recruit.

Matt enters the podcast arena next to spar with Adam on Notre Dame vs. Alabama (or Georgia), as well as to toss at each other random references from 1990 pop culture. They also pick who they'd start at QB against San Diego State, what changes need to be made to the football coaching staff, and talk about the most surprising and disappointing things about the 2012 football season. They finish talking about the awesome scoring power of Tyler Haws, and about how good an impression BYU fans made on Jabari.

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