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Gary Andersen comments on tithing and BYU Football stir controversy

Those doggone Mormons.


It seems Gary Andersen's brief honeymoon of good and mutual feelings with the BYU fanbase has come to a screeching halt. The Utah State head football coach, while appearing on local Salt Lake radio, made a comment that will be sure to cause a ripple among the faithful in Provo.

When asked about the next phase in building up Utah State's facilities, Andersen mentioned that it was difficult to keep up with his in-state rivals Utah and BYU because of an apparent advantage in "Pac 12" money and "tithing" respectively. The implication that BYU Football benefits from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints' tithing of its members. The LDS Church requires its members to pay a 10% tithe of their increase in order to remain fully worthy of all the blessings of church membership.

Look, I love Gary Andersen. The comment did not come off as vindictive. I just think Gary is ignorant of how the tithing funds of the LDS Church relate to the athletic program at BYU. No money from the Church's general tithing fund is apportioned into BYU Athletics. Someone just needs to let Gary know. Just this man's opinion.

Additionally, if I knew my tithing was going to help BYU Football, I might pay more than 10%.

When reached for comment, Rocky Long was said to have referred to Andersen as a "gentleman" and a "scholar" and wished "heaven's blessing" upon him and his family.

Audio via 1280 The Zone - Beginning at 13:50