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Podcast 92: Jason Franchuk on hoops and QBs

Jason Franchuk of The Daily Herald comes on the podcast to talk the lack of identity for the basketball team, and the QB situation going into the bowl game. Matt and Adam then make a lot of jokes about 1992, surrounded by some BYU sports analysis.

Alex Trautwig

In episode 92, Jason Franchuck of The Daily Herald comes on the podcast for the first time to talk all things BYU sports. He hits on the identity (or lack thereof) of the BYU men's basketball team, and why he thinks both Riley Nelson and James Lark should play in the bowl game.

Matt and Adam, after losing the perfect podcast to an audio graveyard, record a not-as-perfect podcast. Adam is worried about Cougar hoops, but Matt is more optimistic. Matt thinks Riley starts and plays most of the game as long as he can walk, but Adam is reading between the lines of the first few days of bowl practice and seems a little Lark. And they lace in as many musical reference to 1992 as they possible can in 20 minutes.

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