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Podcast 94: Poinsettia Bowl recap and hoops WCC preview

In Episode 94 of the Rise & Shout Podcast, Matt and Adam recap the Poinsettia Bowl, sing praises of Kyle Van Noy and Riley Stephenson, and preview the WCC men's basketball season.


In a holiday edition of the podcast (No. 94), the boys get together to talk about the Poinsettia Bowl, mainly a disertation on the greatness of Kyle Van Noy and Riley Stephenson. And is Bronco Mendenhall crazy like a fox? Matt thinks so after his halftime interview. They also bemoan the lack of offense and project into 2013 and don't see a pretty picture unless the offense gets a ton better.

Next it's onto to previewing the WCC season for the Cougar basketball team, and they are not as optimistic as they were entering the non-conference schedule. Is Matt Carlino ever going to be the player we thought he would be? Is Tyler Haws going to return to the player he was the first few weeks? Can this team climb on the back of Brandon Davies and make it to the Big Dance? They discuss.

Listen to the podcast below or download it on iTunes, and let us know what you think on Twitter @byu_riseshout.

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