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Gonzaga gets the Gaels, BYU bound to build own breaks

With the WCC regular season title not yet out of reach, Kevin Pangos shot down Saint Mary's in the second half on the way to a 73-59 Gonzaga victory on Thursday night. This means BYU's shot at the conference tournament's two-seed is going to be all up to the Cougars.

It was an impressive night from Gonzaga, as only one of the six Bulldogs to shoot more than once (Sacre, 5-9) shot below 50%. The team finished shooting 53% from the field, with Pangos (5-6) and Gary Bell (2-3) hitting all the threes Gonzaga would make. Meanwhile, Saint Mary's was held to just 38% shooting. Matthew Dellavedova scored 20 points but only shot 2-7 from deep.

It was a strong back and forth for most of the game until Gonzaga took control with eight minutes left. Up 53-49, Pangos, Bell, and then Pangos again would drain three-pointers on consecutive possessions, so with six minutes left the lead was stretched to 62-51.

While needing Saint Mary's to slip up down the stretch, the win keeps Gonzaga alive for the WCC regular-season title and the tournament one-seed. It also seems that BYU's destiny is completely in its own hands, barring any completely unexpected results over the season's final five games. Win out, and the two-seed is BYU's to have -- unless Loyola Marymount can also figure out a way to win out, in which it will come down to tiebreakers for the two-spot.