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BYU and Noah's knee survive Santa Clara

BYU took down Santa Clara tonight by the score of 82-67. Check out the AP story on the game and box score here. Rather than duplicate the effort on that recap I'll just give you some random thoughts on the game.

  • BYU came within a hair of losing its best player, Noah Hartsock, for the season. That would have been disastrous for the team. Hartsock twisted his knee in a grotesque looking way and stayed on the floor writhing in pain. It looked like he was down for the season to me. But after a while Hartsock was able to get up and walk off. More surprisingly Hartsock passed all the trainers' tests and even came back in. BYU seems to have dodged a huge bullet.
  • While Hartsock came back in tonight, I will still be surprised if he can contribute much next week. That knee has to be at least sprained right? (Right?)
  • Matt Carlino was also battling a mildy sprained knee and his scoring output of 2 points reflected that. But he still contributed 7 assists and a couple of steals.
  • Davies and Hartsock continue to show they make up the best college frontcourt in the West. Together they scored 41 of BYU's 82 points.
  • Zysltra played well off the bench drilling 2 of 3 of his threes, scoring 12 overall, and grabbing 5 boards.
  • BYU has just a few days to heal up and get ready for the big game in Spokane next week. Winning that game was always going to be a challenge for BYU but the task will be monumental if Carlino and Hartsock aren't at full speed.
  • Nice contribution from BYU's other senior Charles Abouo tonight. Abouo logged 14 points and 8 boards. Chuck hasn't been dominant this season like I had hoped but BYU is better with him on the floor. Good to see him play well.
  • I wonder if Stephen Rogers will be ready to go soon... If he is healthy enough to play the game at Gonzaga would be a great time to get him back.
  • BYU is not a lock for an at-large bid to the NCAA tourney but they are getting closer to being a lock with every win. With SMC and GU dropping games in conference BYU is still in the hunt for the WCC title as well.
  • What say you Cougar fans? Share your thoughts on the game in the comments.