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What is Brock Zylstra's role?

After the loss to Gonzaga, I was angry. Then angrier. Then I got sleepy, but then I got angry again.

It was a game I think BYU could have won, even without Noah Hartsock, but for whatever reason the shots just weren't falling. No one had a particularly great night, although Brandon Davies did play well in the second half. But no one played worse than Brock Zylstra.

Poor Brock. He just can't seem to shake the stigma of disappearing in big games. Against the Zags, Ghostface played 17 minutes, went 0-5 from the field (including 0-4 from beyond the arc), and had 2 fouls. That's every number you'll find on his stat line. The rest are big fat zeroes.

(Ghostface is what I call Brock Zylstra, by the way. The full nickname is Ghostface Zylla, but Ghostface for short.)

Anyway, after thinking about (and agonizing over) Brock Zylstra's performance, I started to wonder about his role on this team. What does Brock Zylstra bring to the 2011-2012 BYU Cougars? Is he an offensive specialist? Is he a spot-up shooter? A lock-down defender? A rebounder? A slasher? Just a pretty face?

I don't want to bash Brock, but I am curious. I've posted a poll here, and I'd also like to read your comments on the subject. What is Brock's role on this BYU basketball team?