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Subscribe to SB Nation's YouTube Channel ... Unless You Hate Yourself

Hey Cougar fans. I know it comes off super corporate to shill for the boss, but I'm going to do it anyway, because we are taking over the internet. SB Nation is officially launching its YouTube page on March 1st, and you should definitely subscribe. Why? Here's why:

SB Nation is going to have some great web shows for you, the sports fan, and they will improve the way you consume, follow, and participate in sports. I don't just say this to shill, really, the daily and weekly videos will enhance your sports experience like nothing else. This is what you get when you mix professional journalism, blogging, fanhood, and video cameras.

For us college fans, there will be the Shutdown Fullback. This show will feature Spencer Hall of Every Day Should Be Saturday and Jason Kirk of SBN-Atlanta. All things college football. And if you aren't familiar with Spencer Hall, you can get your feet wet with this piece on a day with Mike Leach.

Hey, it's a Jim McMahon sighting! Full Nelson will go deep into the world of sports with unique, original stories brought to you by Amy K. Nelson, who has written at and covered baseball on SportsCenter, Baseball Tonight, and contributed to Outside the Lines.

Dan Rubenstein of Solid Verbal fame and Matt Ufford will team up for SB Nation's The Floor, a daily look at sports, humor, and pop culture. Here they are brainstorming ideas for shows.

Commentary on sports and culture is what you'll get from Bomani & Jones, featuring (yes) Bomani Jones of The Morning Jones/The Evening Jones radio show, and recurring guest on ESPN's Around The Horn.

In addition to these daily/weekly offerings, specific team reports will be coming from the writers at the various SB Nation blogs -- eventually, sites like ours will be getting in on the fun!

So subscribe!
And follow on Twitter at @SBNStudios