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BYU Football Recruiting Spotlight: WR Josh Weeks

On signing day, I said I'd highlight two 2012 commits who I felt might be worthy of as much anticipation as the two commits in the Rivals Top 250 (Tanner Mangum and Troy Hinds). One of them was linebacker Butch Pau'u from Anaheim, CA. The other is today's spotlight, wide receiver Josh Weeks.

Two players committed to BYU while we were in Albuquerque for the New Mexico Bowl. One was the transfer of Hebron Fangupo from USC, and the other was the commitment of Josh Weeks. I remember thinking as I looked up his profile on my phone, "Wow, 6-4, another tall guy. Cool." That was about it, until I saw his highlights.

Weeks is a 6-4 receiver out of Show Low, Arizona. The three-star recruit was a record setter for Arizona high school football (stats shown at the end of the highlight video are from his junior year). Watching Weeks play, I see a lot of elite potential in him. He shows some elements of great route running, like the come-back transition into turning up-field on post routes. A lot of his highlights are just him running by or catching over people, but in just his junior highlights, I see a lot of good things that way. He also uses his hands very well.

According to Brandon Gurney, Weeks will serve a mission before playing at BYU.